GEN1 Biotechnology raises $8m

Funds were raised from Australian private equity investors, local banks, and the South Australian Government’s Health Industries Fund. Read more

Singaporean digital health company establishes in Adelaide

The creators of a revolutionary app that helps doctors diagnose, manage and treat skin cancer will set up shop in Adelaide, creating up to 25 high tech jobs in the Health Industries sector. Read more

Chinese aged care facility managers training in Adelaide

Twelve managers of aged care facilities in Qingdao, Shandong, have spent the last fortnight in Adelaide for training by local experts. Read more

Japanese company to make Adelaide the birthplace of clinical trial SMOs in Australia

Australia is yet to take advantage of this innovative model of conducting clinical trials, and I’rom will introduce SMOs to Australia from Adelaide. Read more

Adelaide builds Australia’s first biopharmaceutical injectables factory

The State Government has successfully attracted another health industries business to Adelaide, creating around 200 new jobs and injecting a massive $650 million into the state’s economy. Read more

UniSA and Qianhong-LeSun Pharma Group’s new Sino-Australian joint laboratory to fast track new cancer drugs

The University of South Australia and China’s Qianhong-LeSun Pharma group have joined forces to establish a multi-million dollar Sino-Australian Joint Laboratory in Innovative Drug Discovery to fast track the development of new treatments for cancer. Read more

Government establishes $6 million Health Industries Fund

The state government has established a $6 million fund to help attract life sciences investment to Adelaide. Read more

Medical device manufacturer establishes in Adelaide

A start-up company that has developed a breakthrough technology that will greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of pre-clinical medical research will establish its development and manufacturing operations at Tonsley. Read more

Australian state moves to bolster business ties with China

Local government-to-government relations is behind the recent successes South Australia has had in China. Read more

International biotech pioneer to advise Adelaide on life sciences strategy

Professor Horst Domdey has been appointed to the South Australian Government’s Health Industries Advisory Board. Read more

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