Pfizer invests $21 million in Adelaide biologic manufacturing plant

10 March 2016

Pfizer has announced the final phase of its $21 million Adelaide facility upgrade which will secure 100 hi-tech jobs and contribute to global cancer treatment.

Health Industries Minister Jack Snelling said the facility will be completed in mid-2016, allowing for the commercialisation of the cancer medicine pegfilgrastim, to a global market valued at $4.6 billion.

“The upgrade not only secures 100 local hi-tech manufacturing jobs, but will provide work for local manufacturing contractors managing the development and local tradespeople contributing to the highly complex and advanced fit-out,” Mr Snelling said.

Mr Snelling said the upgrade fits with the government’s plan to transform the economy; which includes increasing health industries investment in the state.

“Once up and running the plant is expected to inject $380 million into the South Australian economy over the next seven years,” Mr Snelling said.
The South Australian Government granted Pfizer a lease on Crown land adjoining its current facility, after negotiating for the Commonwealth tenants to move.

Health Industries South Australia provided negotiation support to Pfizer in dealing with regulatory obligations during the planning of the development.

Pfizer Australia Chairman and Managing Director David Gallagher said it’s a welcome move.

“With the South Australian Government's support, our Adelaide team is embarking on an exciting new era in biopharmaceutical manufacturing,” Mr Gallagher said.

“This investment will establish the Adelaide site as an innovative manufacturing plant and the largest biologic medicine manufacturer of its type in Australia.”

Director of Site Operations at the Pfizer Adelaide plant Dr Tony Mulcahy said the development will "further enhance the skills and capabilities of 100 South Australian workers."

Mr Snelling said the government is aggressively targeting health industry investment.

“We are overseeing the building of the $3.6 billion Adelaide BioMed City – the largest health and life sciences cluster in the southern hemisphere, which will bring together institutions from research, development, and clinical care through to business development.

“Local, interstate and overseas companies are learning that Adelaide is the ideal location for their health and life sciences research and investment,” Mr Snelling said.

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