Tonsley Innovation District

The ideal location for hi-tech development and manufacturing

Hi-tech development and manufacturing

Tonsley Innovation District combines university-led research and development with vocational training and advanced manufacturing premises for companies, with an emphasis on biomedical devices, renewable energy, clean technology, software and simulation

A 61 hectare former automobile manufacturing site, Tonsley has been transformed into the ideal location for hi-tech development and manufacturing.

Tonsley offers opportunities for purpose built facilities for sale or lease, and is great for startups, SMEs and global companies taking advantage of Adelaide.


Europe’s largest engineering company, Siemens, is a significant tenant at Tonsley and a major provider of medical imaging equipment to South Australia’s public health system.

Head of Siemens in South Australia Mr Adam D’Achille has said establishing at Tonsley “will give us more scope to broaden our business opportunities”.


Micro-X is the developer and manufacturer of an ultra-lightweight medical x-ray unit and in 2015, they moved their operations to Tonsley.

Adelaide has decades of experience in world’s-best-practice manufacturing in the automotive and defence industries, providing highly-skilled workers and a solid supply chain that are now being successfully applied to medical manufacturing.

“We chose Adelaide because of the state’s vision for medical device manufacturing and an environment that supports emerging technology companies,” said Micro-X CEO Peter Rowland.

Medical Device Partnering Program

The Medical Device Partnering Program (MDPP) supports the development of cutting-edge medical devices through unique collaborations between researchers, industry, end-users and government.

The program facilitates the development of medical devices by coordinating the efforts of key stakeholders. It provides a mechanism for the development of prototypes, proof of concept and/or commercialisation planning for potential Australian medical device products. They have a particular focus on finding solutions for clinicians, the ageing and the disabled.

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Health Industries South Australia is the South Australian Government agency helping life sciences companies expand in Adelaide.